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One, Enter a man.

"They tell me you can see the future...That you can make things happen...Is this so?" The man sitting across from William leaned forward,smiling, brushing some immaginary lint from his tailored suit. There is something disconcerting about a man asking you if you can see the future.. Call it instinct, but it gave William the ebbie jebies. The man didn't say anything else, he just remained leaning forward, as though whatever came out of Wills mouth was vastly important. Will closed his eyes for a moment, picturing the man behind his eyes. Something about a desk, strain, and money. Will tried to immagine what the man would eat, what he would drink, and was somewhat suprised when what he saw was not food, but a young Indian woman, walking toward the man and leaning down to put her head on his shoulder. The man turned and smiled before opening his mouth slightly to kiss her neck.
Suddenly Will's eyes were open, his mind jarred back to reality with the sensation of a hand on his own. "Mr Townsend? Are you well?" WIll opened his eyes, nodding as the man withdrew his hand, then cleared his throat. "I don't know about telling the future, Mr. Green, but I do know about gathering more detail about the past. This is, after all, a detectives office..." Will sounded a little unhappy, there was something about the man across from him that made him uncomfotable. It wasn't the nice, albiet plastic smile, nor was it the somewhat preditory look in the other man's eyes. It was not something he could put his finger on right away. Mr. Green nodded, still leaning forward and bringing his hands up to cover his mouth. "Well, I have it on authority that you never fail in your tasks, and that often you prevent things from happening that, if you couldn't see the future, there is no way you could predict and deter." Will looked at him curiously. Was he serious? "Nothing like that. All of the cases I have been on have led to preventing one thing or the other, certainly, but I have never fortold the future.. I don't really think it is possible." This was frustrating, the suit was beating around the bush, pressing him about something he could not do. "I hate to press the point, Mr Green, but what brings you to my office? I am not a fortune teller, nor do I do terot readings."
Mr. Green leaned back in his chair and folded his hands in his lap, a smile spreading across his face. For a moment he just looked at William, looking at him as though he might do something interesting. "I do not mean to offend, Mr Townsend. I simply question because I would like to retain your services, and if you could tell the future, which you seem unable to do..." He said this last and then paused for a moment, as though willing William to contend it, before pressing on. "Nonetheless, you seem to have a pretty flawless reputation for always getting your man. such a record is almost unknown in the detectives in this area." Williams record was far from flawless, but if the man was trying to flatter him, he could put up with it. Mr. Green watched him for a moment, as though waiting for a response, before lifting a small black briefcase from the floor. "If you are interested, I would like to hire you to find my nephew. I am willing to quadruple your normal fee if you are willing to set aside any other cases you might be working on at present until he is found. It is very important to me to get him back. He is the only family I have."
Missing person, huh. You would think that he could afford someone better. Hell, there was a bigger, better, more successful shop right up the street. But if he was willing to pay quadruple, Will could put the one other case he had on the back least for a couple days. "What can you tell me about your nephew?"
"You'll take it then?" Green lifted a single brow, as though he had expected Will to turn him down.
"Yeah, so what can you tell me about him?"
Mr. Green smiled broadly, leaning forward in his chair as though he were going to jump out of it. "This is what I last heard...."

Green talked for almost three hours, telling Will the life story of his nephew Gregory. There was nothing unsettling about the story, but the more that William heard, the more he felt like he had made a rather large mistake.
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