Drea, Part Time Angel and Monster Hunter (ravensmother) wrote in wildwolfrp,
Drea, Part Time Angel and Monster Hunter

First off

This journal has been created so people can RP within the World of Darkness. No copyright infringement is meant, we're just here to RP. No moolah is made and all that jazz.
Playing will be done entry by entry.
The setting is that of the venerable city of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Mages, Vampires, Werebeasts, regular old humans, sorcerers, and Immortals are included, but the rest are right out, as most people do not really know how mummies and Fey work.
I hope that this will be kept at a reasonable power level, so that we do not have city leveling as an everyday occurrence. Free thought is encouraged. I hope every one has fun!

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