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Wipin' it down, down, down. - Classification: Bart and Lae (REPOST!)

The paragraphs didnt work!!! Here it is correctly, I hope!

Sapphire colored eyes roamed over to Blooddoll, as her hands reached down for a glass, the rim edged a soft pink. Fingertips firmly pressed at its sides, cupped into her palm. A white cloth was in the other hand, the fabric dinking down into the glass as it was given a gentle twist.

Small, golden clips entrailed within her blonde locks, trimmed with red streaks that curled only at the tips. Bangs overlapping the forehead, hiding the small trickles of sweat that flowed like tiny rivers.

It was one of those nights, when she could hear her own heartbeat. Almost as if she was the only one that had one. But this thought didn't trigger itself, for she was blind to what was around her. Sure, she knew something was different. Especially moments before, when the glass of bourbon had flown across the room on its own, a man shimmering into view when no man had been there before. And who was he, anyways? Never had she seen him before. Was he knew?

Her blue gaze rolled back to the woman in charge, Blooddoll, it was. Full lips found themselves puckering together into a tight frown, as if she was suddenly worried about something. And then she graced her customers with her eyes, streaking them down the bar, looking at each and every one of the patrons.

They stopped at the end, on Lae, a beautiful woman that spoke with a cat-like purr, a sultry accent that made a person just shudder. Not that Bart was attracted to women, mind you. The feeling went deeper than that. Like she could reach into your heart, your mind, your soul.


Lae gave a soft sigh, the tip of her index finger circling the rim of her glass, the contents being red wine. She never drank it, except in minute amounts that dripped down from her fingers. It was a game to her, a very boring and complicated game - between herself and the liquid.

Tonight, her slick locks of auburn spilled over her back and shoulders, starting with curls about halfway down and ending at the small of her back. One elbow had itself pressed against the edge of the black lacquered counter, index and thumb slowly caressing a few strands between the two. Jade colored eyes were surrounded by a thin layer of black eyeliner, just a hint of it. Other than that, she wore no makeup. The flesh was smooth, silky. As if time had stopped the aging process, which it in fact had.

She wore black this evening, a symbol of her it became to be. Once decked in velvet, as she had her first night here. But that quickly changed, as she sat amongst her kind. They simply depressed her, more than when she stood alone. Along the edge of the shoreline, back in another part of the country. How the wind had whipped forcibly at her hair and dress, sending it all billowing upwards, the only thing keeping it from floating away was herself. This was much like how she felt now, floating in a dreamlike state, her conscience keeping her down.

Her backside squirmed atop the stool, a soft huff of air escaping the cushion she sat upon. Bare feet pressed at the bottom rung, her toes wiggling from time to time. She looked up then, to find Bart staring up at her, a soft smile creeping up the corners of her mouth.


Bart quickly found herself looking away, a hint of a blush onto her cheeks. They warmed considerably, and it just made her blush more - to know that she was doing it in the first place. A white sleeve pulled up then, to wipe generously at the brow, dabbing the fabric with sweat and makeup.

It was nearly two in the morning, her shift was over at four. She anticipated the hour, and it only made the evening longer that it usually was. Her hands moved quickly, at an order of a vodka shot, finger pressing the valve open as it poured down into the glass. The alcohol dripped over the top, pooling onto the counter. But it was quickly wiped away, leaving only a faint shimmer of liquid behind.

This evenings customers seemed to be needing more of the hard liquor than the fruity half and half she normally served them. Tonight was different, but how come? She sensed something, something stiff and tense. Almost like it was going to blow, everyone murmuring quietly to themselves.

Perhaps it was her imagination, but sometimes she could hear them talking, without moving any part of their body. Her eyes roamed back towards Blooddoll, giving her a total look of confusion, as these thoughts simmered in her head. And then she looked away, as if she had caught herself in some sort of deviant act.


Lae had been watching her now, seeming quite interested in this young blonde. From pinky to index, her fingers drummed against the counter. Her other hand was up, the palm delicately cupping her chin. Manicured nails softly dug into the flesh, leaving soft red marks that quickly vanished as her fingers twitched.

A soft "Mm," rose from her throat, as an elegant brow lofted upwards. Her jade colored eyes transfixed onto the beauty before her. That faint smile upturned into a slight grin, as she watched the confusion erupted onto Bart's face. Not that Lae found this humorous, but merely fascinating.

The girl was something, as far as Lae could distinguish. And right then she felt why no one had bothered with the girl. It sent a soft shiver down her spine, sparking the nerves. Her back straightened up, her shoulders rolled back, the action uplifting her breasts a tad more than usual.

She was innocence, by any standard definition of such. Not an innocence you could detect with a glance, or a conversation. No, most likely she didn't even know - nor her family and mortal friends. On any such occasion, she would have immediately been dealt with. But it seemed as if she were protected by many, who on a normal basis be at fault to destroy one another. Such at one point, they had come to kill such a being, but on one gaze into those eyes, fell into a deep sleep - their lost humanity uprising and sprouting into the emotion of love. An emotion that was simply lost to many. Yet it was nothing like that. Not love, no. Not anything that could really be explained.

It tickled Lae's senses, her full lips parting to let out a soft groan. The immense power that she succumbed to right then and there enveloped her body and all Lae could do was sigh. With a twitch of her eye, she was there too. Surrounded by them all, like she had broke their chain to allow herself in, her hands curling into the hands of her enemy. But it didn't matter. They were all there for the same reason. To protect, to love, to shine. Perhaps some had come for their own greedy desires, but there were also many that wanted to care, -needed- to care.

But she wasn't really there, now was she? Neither was anyone else. Of course they weren't. Not in the physical sense at least. She knew why she had never felt it before, it was so small of a feeling, like a breath of air. Just taken for granted and always there, it was that hard to detect one from another. And you had to want to see it, really want it. You could have been told about such a place, but never could find yourself reaching it. It was like it accepted you when it wanted to be accepted, as if it took a bit of Bart to want you to see it. Her heart, her - everything.


And Bart knew nothing of this, although she did sneak a quick glance back to Lae. She found the woman sitting atop her stool, the palm of her hand clasped just above the breast. So Bart had immediately rushed over, an arm extending to allow fingers to dance over those locks of auburn, hesitantly brushing them back behind Lae's ear for her, as if Bart knew the woman couldn't do it herself. "Have another," is what she murmured, soon replacing Lae's old glass with a newer version. . .


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