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May the force be with you!

Stupid. Yanno, I've been posting to LJ forevah, and I *now* just realized I never posted either of the groups I belonged to. *cough* I meant to do that. DA ROCK! Anyhow, I was gently nudged into posting by someone who will remain nameless Blooddoll. So, like it.

Broke my pinky finger. Ow. Not amused. Can't play VB now, at least not for awhile. Definately not amused.

Figured out what I'm doing for my next tattoo. Yay. Drew part of it out. Probably will get it when I go to Cali, maybe take SOMEONE with me. *winks*

Feeling a bit blah. Spent a few days in West Virginia and Virginia. Stupid. Though, went to a club in D.C. Was swank, I liked it. *shrugs* Had to come back home. Blah. Still not amused.

There. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands..
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